Can The Grout Color Be Returned To It’s Original Look?

Unattractive grout is a problem for many people. If it’s time to recolor your grout, you’ve come to the right place! But, before we begin, it’s important to make sure that your tiles are glazed ceramic or porcelain tiles. Do not try this method if you have a natural stone that is unsealed. This can stain and discolor the stone, making the problem even worse! Once you’ve determined that your tile is appropriate for this project, let’s get started.

Choosing the right color of grout

Traditionally, most grout was white but that is no longer the case. Many people choose a complementary color for their grout work to give their tiles a bit more visual pop. When you are selecting your grout color, take the time to have some fun! Try out a number of different colors to see which one works best. Don’t be afraid to go bold. It’s easier to go darker, but if you want a lighter color it’s possible, it will just take a few extra applications.

Painting over existing grout

This is obviously the easier solution! While there are a couple of different options available, the traditional paint-on technique typically works best. If you opt for a pen colorer you may not get the results you wanted the first time. With the painting option, you will need to be sure to wipe any smears or drips immediately before they dry. If you are planning to try out a few different colors to see which one looks best, be sure to let the grout dry completely. Once you’ve chosen your preferred color, you can get to work transforming the look of your tiles!

Removing old grout

If grout is old and in bad shape, you’ll probably want to remove it rather than simply recoloring it. This can take some time and really isn’t a fun task! But, if it’s necessary, it’s worth it to do the job right. There are grout sanders available that can save some time and elbow grease. Be sure to remove the old grout completely. Once you have replaced the grout, be sure to take the time to completely seal it. This will help to protect the studs and cement boards that are behind the tiles.

Be sure to use an industrial grout cleaner before you get started recoloring any grout. This will ensure that the new color adheres and lasts for a good long time. If the grout you choose doesn’t also contain a sealant, you’ll need to seal the grout once it’s dry.

New grout or recolored grout can truly transform the look of a bathroom or kitchen backsplash! Don’t be afraid to tackle this project as the results will definitely make the time and effort well worth it. And, if you’re not up to the task, or don’t have the time, most tile workers will take on the job for you. Giving grout a fresh and clean look is worth it!