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Find out why your neighbors in Monroe, GA choose Spotless to get their carpets cleaned properly & fast!

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"Clay communicated with us so we knew when to expect him. He was professional & hardworking. When I added in a chair to clean, he accommodated us without rushing. Highly recommend for carpet & furniture cleaning! Pssst... only 2hr drying time... nice!"

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Expert Carpet Cleaning. Minimal Dry Time.

Whether your pup has had an accident or you’re getting ready to entertain family for an upcoming graduation, it’s never a bad idea to have your carpets cleaned. They are one of the first things your guests will see when entering your property — you don’t want them to be stained and smelly!

At Spotless, we believe having a clean carpet is a minimum expectation. When we clean your carpets, it’s important that you are satisfied with the whole experience. From when you book your carpet cleaning to the moment we leave your home. With years of experience, we know the best way to handle and treat your carpet depending on the stains and condition — and we can have your carpet dry usually within 2 - 3 hours! So it’ll be ready for when the kids come back from school. And you can book your carpet cleaning online with us 24/7 so you can schedule your cleaning in the click of a button!

If you would like to book your carpet for a professional clean and are in Monroe, Athens, Loganville or surrounding areas, get in touch with us today!

Our Concierge Service

To ensure you have no suprises on the day of cleaning, we provide an in-person estimate to address any concerns and inspect your carpets. This means that the price you are given is the price you will pay! No hidden surprises. If it is not possible for us to provide you with an in-person estimate, we can do it over the phone too! Please note, phone estimates are subject to change based on the condition of your carpets when we arrive and the results you want to achieve.
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How does Spotless leave your carpets... spotless?

When it comes to cleaning your carpet, depending on the type of stain it is, we will ensure that our process and cleaning solutions are the best to remove it. Generally, our process involves:

  • We protect your home! Exterior door guards, corner guards and runners on any wood floor surfaces. You don’t need to clean up when we’re done cleaning
  • We Pre-vacuum! Even if you have already vacuumed. We use our professional equipment to vacuum up as much dry soil as possible before introducing moisture into your carpet.
  • For removing pet stains and odors, this requires a decontamination procedure to ensure that the odors are fully removed. We are specialists when it comes to pet stain and odor removal. In order to achieve the best results, we use specific urine treatments which differ from our usual carpet cleaning procedures
  • We carefully move any light furniture such as couches and chairs to cover as much area as we can and use corner guards to protect your property’s appearance. Please note, our guys are professional carpet technicians, not moving men! So the heavy stuff must stay in place. Entertainment centers, china cabinets, beds, dressers and such will not be moved.
  • Pre-spray and Spot Treatments — We do not charge extra to treat any spots in your carpet. Any spots we can get out with the carpet wand are included! There is an additional charge for pet stains. (This is a decontamination procedure, not just cleaning.)
  • Next, we use our state of the art, truck mounted, professional equipment to steam clean your carpets. Our system uses 240 degrees of steam and an incredibly strong vacuum motor to clean and extract dirt from your carpets. This method insures you carpet dries in hours, not days. This method is the one recommended by carpet manufacturers.
  • Finally, we carry out a post-inspection to answer any of your questions and to make sure we haven’t missed any spots!
30 Day No Spots Returning Guaranteed

30 Day No Spots Returning Guaranteed

If spots return within 30 days of your carpet cleaning, we'll come back and remove them for you!

IICRC Certified & Shaw Total Care Certified

You can have peace of mind knowing that you are hiring a company who is fully insured, qualified and certified in providing a professional carpet cleaning service
Rob, owner of Spotless Tile & Grout

Why do your neighbors in Monroe, GA & surrounding areas choose us for their carpet cleaning?

As a family-owned and operated company, we have lived in this community for over two decades now and we take pride in having the opportunity to give back to it. We understand how hard it can be to keep your carpets spotless when you’ve got children and pets to take care of, as well as everything else! That’s why we use our carpet cleaning experience combined with high quality equipment to ensure that we leave your carpets spotless — so you can enjoy hosting your guests and feel proud of your carpets!

100% Risk Free Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the job completed, we'll come back within 7 days for free!

Meet the Spotless Team

Rob grew up in Michigan and after spending some time in the Marine Corp, found himself in Georgia over 20 years ago. Rob started Spotless back in 2008. He wanted to start a company that was focused on doing great work and having exceptional customer service. ROB is IICRC certified.
Pam and Rob met in 2015 and were married in March of 2016, blending families and their 5 kids. Pam is the voice you will hear on the phone when you call Spotless. She answers questions, books appointments and does 99% of the in person estimates.
Clay is our Lead Carpet Cleaning Technician. (Sometimes, he does some pressure washing also.) He has been with Spotless since 2018 and is IICRC Certified. Clay grew up in Loganville and graduated from Walnut Grove High School.
Jack is the oldest boy in the family and often works part time on the carpet cleaning van or pressure washing truck. He marches in his school's band, so you usually won't see him during football season.