Breaking the Cycle of Soil

What is soil?


           Soil is considered anything foreign to the basic construction of an item. Soil accumulates everywhere. There is no way around it, and until we come up with flooring, carpets, textiles and machines…etc. that are “Self-Cleaning” the process of soil removal will always have to be done manually. There is no way around it.


           That brings us to a concept for cleaning that will “Break the Cycle of Soil” in your home or business. This will provide mechanical and relief to your environment with a “luster”that will really separate your facility from everyone else. Clean is the “IN”thing! This is a big step in how customers view businesses and you feel how about home. A pro-active position is much better than a re-active situation that may arise form a poor inspection result, a loss of business due to maintenance neglect, or even worse, health concerns from a “sick” or “dirty” home or business. Sometimes we just lose the soil battle from time to time and it's nobody's fault unless it is allowed to continue until we are forced to re-act to a bad situation like MRSA, Staph infection, E-Coli or just the nasty flu bug invading our home.


           How can we “Break the Cycle of Soil”? That is an easy one. Buildings, whether commercial or residential,need maintenance in many areas. For example, if a restaurant’s tile floor needs deep cleaning to remove impacted soil, it doesn’t make sense to clean JUST the lobby or foyer when a large part of the soil load comes off the kitchen and is walked off onto the dining room floors and carpets. The same is true for your home. If you have your carpets cleaned, but don’t have your kitchen and foyer tile cleaned, or even your driveway and sidewalk power washed, you track soil from these areas onto your newly cleaned carpet. All you have to do is stand back and look at your traffic areas and see the difference in your carpet in these areas vs the less traveled areas.


           So, if one area is cleaned, the soil load from the other areas will quickly contaminate the cleaned area and so on… the cycle just keeps repeating so the environment never seems clean. The tile, carpet, receiving areas, kitchen, restrooms, entry ways and concrete all need to be emptied of it’s soil load so over time, with proper maintenance your home or business remains perpetually clean, instead of a perpetual cleaning battle. This holds true for every home, restaurant, hotel, gym, spa,hospital, doctor’s office, school and university and really ever other occupied space on the planet. So when the question is asked “Do I really need service”?Well, call us and we will see.


           So, call us today and we can help “Break the Cycle of Soil”, and get a dysfunctional environment functional again! Our time and estimate are FREE. No Games, No Gimmicks. We want to give you the best possible service for a long-term relationship.

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