COVID-19 - What Works and What Doesn't

First, we have always offered carpet disinfectant as an additional service, and our brand does kill certain strains of the corona-virus, but there is NO PROOF that it works on this new strain. The EPA will not be able to complete testing on the COVID-19 Strain and certify cleaning products for approximately a year.

Second, while we appreciate the extra business opportunity, we do not like to capitalize on fear, and that is why we have not been pushing the sale of carpet disinfectant. The product is excellent for various reasons, but we will not claim that it will keep your family from contracting any specific illness.

For now, proper hygiene and constant cleaning of HARD surfaces will be your best defense against this virus as far as we know.

Even if reports are overhyped, or if they are accurate, we just wanted to take the time to explain this for all of our customers to see.

Regular carpet cleaning is needed to improve indoor air quality and the overall healthiness of the home environment, and we will happily add a disinfectant at your request. Still, we will try to educate you so that you are making a purchase based on truth and facts and not fear.

Here is a list of things we are doing to help protect you and our technicians.
(Just FYI, we do these during cold and flu season every year.)

  1. We have told our technicians that they are to stay home if they are exhibiting ANY symptoms.
  2. We keep hand sanitizer on our trucks and vans at all times. We have instructed our technicians to use it before and after every job.
  3. We wipe down all equipment that has been inside a customer's home before loading it back onto our trucks or vans. This equipment includes hoses, carpet wands, sprayers, etc.… anything that comes into a customer’s home.
  4. The steam from our carpet cleaning machine is approximately 240 degrees. This temperature alone will kill most germs and viruses.
  5. We clean our trucks and vans out nightly.  We wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant, all tanks are emptied and cleaned, and we thoroughly clean all equipment that goes into our customers’ homes.

Don’t be afraid to have us come into your homes or offices to help you take care of you and your family. Spotless is prepared to help you keep your family safe and healthy.
Please call us if you have any questions!

Rob & Pam

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