Seven Secrets on How to Keep Your Carpet Beautiful for Years!

Choosing a cleaning company and the proper carpet is not easy.

Why? Because companies bombard you with misleading advertising, confusing claims, and wrong information.

From super-low prices and high-pressure sales--to unqualified technicians and near-worthless methods--how do you ever find a qualified, competent, professional carpet cleaner?

You start by reading this special report. In this fact-filled report, you will discover how to avoid four carpet cleaning rip-offs and five mistakes to avoid when choosing a carpet cleaner. You will also find information about how to select a carpet that will save you thousands of dollars. 

This report will give you a better understanding of the importance of carpet cleaning, not just for appearance, but to ensure your family's health as well.You'll now be able to make more informed, intelligent decisions.

#1: Select A Professional Cleaning Company

Select a company based on the following criteria.

  • Reputation.

Check references and find out which other companies use their service. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau to see if they have any unresolved complaints. Some of the finest flooring retailers and contractors in the area recommend Spotless.

  • Education.

Sadly, many cleaning companies are never formally educated or trained within their field. State laws do not require certification before giving a license. Therefore, it is up to the homeowner to make sure they are hiring a trained professional. It doesn't matter if the company has 20 years of experience if it is 20 years of untrained experience. Spotless is certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning Restoration Certification) in the areas of carpet cleaning, upholstery, deodorization, and pet decontamination.

  • Experience.

We have seen every type of clean-up condition in the 12 years we have been in business.

  • Systems.

Our cleaning systems are the most state-of-the-art in the industry. We employ over $100,000 of the best equipment to give you the most thorough cleaning.

  • Guarantee.

Our guarantees are the best in Walton County and the surrounding areas. 

#2: What is the Best Carpet for You?


The right carpet for you depends on the type of soil, amount of traffic, and who the occupants are in your home. Stain resistance means that a carpet will not stain easily, but staining is still possible. Wearability is judged by how durable the fiber is. 

1. Olefin-

A petroleum-based plastic fiber that repels liquids and stains very well. Olefin has a stain-resist property that other fibers don't have. The fiber is solution-dyed,which means it will hold its color and therefore is more stain-resistant than any other fiber. While it still has the possibility of staining, even Kool-Aid,bleach, and ink can be removed more easily. However, the durability is lacking,which means that it won't stand up as well to heavy traffic. Furniture indentations are challenging to remove after you move furniture. Light colors of Olefin will appear scratched when it begins to show wear. Also, due to the petroleum base, Olefin will attract oils and cause light colors to appear dirty fast. 

Ideally used in:

  • Indoor/outdoor carpet and is always superb in a sun room.
  • Homes with kids that spill Kool-Aid and use markers on the carpet. 

CAUTIONS about Olefin:

  • It may not be ideal if you have pets. The oils will absorb quickly in the fiber.
  • Not ideal for very high traffic areas.
  • Avoid light colors. We recommend darker colors when choosing Olefin.


2. Polyester-

Often an alternative to Nylon due to its economical price. Polyester has excellent stain resist qualities, almost equal to Olefin. However, it does mat down more so than Nylon. Furniture indentations are challenging to remove after you move furniture. 

Ideally used in:

  • Homes with kids that spill Kool-Aid and use markers on the carpet.
  • Homes where you anticipate replacing the carpet within a shorter amount of time. 

CAUTIONS about Polyester:

  • For better wearability, get at least a 60-70-ounce weight.
  • Avoid light colors. We recommend darker colors when choosing Polyester.


3. Nylon-

In many situations, Nylon may be the best value for your dollar. It has excellent stain resist properties and great wearability. However, stay away from a thin density of the Nylon. We recommend a minimum of 42-ounce weight with a high twist in the fiber. The Nylon fiber will hold up to traffic very well. However,it is susceptible to red dyes (such as Kool-Aid) and bleaches. Consider purchasing solution dyed or continuous filament Nylon for your top of the line Nylon fiber. 

Ideally used in:

  • Homes or businesses with a lot of traffic.
  • Homes with pets. 

CAUTIONS about Nylon:

  • Avoid spilling red dyes (such as Kool-Aid) or      bleaches.


4. Wool-

The most durable and most luxurious fiber. Most oriental rugs are made of Wool and last for 100 years or more. Wool is easily stained and is very vulnerable to bleach. 

Ideally used in:

  • Area rugs or homes that are kept very clean.

CAUTIONS about Wool:

  • It is very easy to stain Wool. Perform spot removal right away after a spill.

#3: Get the Best Style of Carpet:

Frieze (aka Cut Berber): This style appears like a short shag carpet. The nylon frieze is one of the best carpets to stand up to high traffic. This carpet is one of our top picks if the weight is at least 45 ounces.

Plush: This is a style that appears plush on the surface. It looks very luxurious. However, make sure the carpet has a high heat setting and twist,or it will appear worn within a few years.

Kid Proof: Usually, an Olefin carpet that will hold up well to most anything a kid will spill. However, we recommend light colors when choosing Olefin. Get at least a 60-ounce fiber.

Commercial: Normally, the looped commercial carpets will last longer. Nylon commercial is more durable. In playrooms, sun rooms, or very high traffic areas of a home, commercial carpet is the right choice if the appearance is acceptable.

Berber: Berber is a looped style of carpet that has gained popularity in recent years. Nylon or Wool is sometimes used in making Berber. Olefin is used most often in making it. If you buy a Berber, make sure it is a high-quality carpet. A darker color is preferable. The loops of Berber may unravel at doorways and seams. Seaming can often be very visible with Berber. If you have pets that scratch on your carpet, avoid Berber. Light colors of Berber are notorious for returning spots after cleaning.

Please note: On any fiber or style you choose, a darker color of fiber will keep a better appearance longer.

What weight of carpet fiber is best?

The higher, the better. The weight should be at least 42 ounces for Nylon and at least 60 ounces for Olefin and Polyester. Don't be fooled into thinking that the weight of the carpet is all that matters. If you get an 80-ounce carpet with a weak twist, your carpet will still appear worn after a few years.The wearability also depends on how well the fiber was twisted. Fiber twist can often be judged by looking closely at the fiber and attempting to untwist the individual strand. If it wraps back quickly, it has a good twist. Try the twist test on a cheaper carpet and then a more expensive carpet, and you'll see what we mean.

#4: Ask Your Carpet Salesman These Three Questions


1.    Do you guarantee your installation job? For how long? Will your installers power stretch my carpet? Will they "butter"or seal the seams? Without power stretching and proper seaming, you may get a bad installation.

2.    What exactly does the warranty include and exclude? Can I get this in writing?

3.    What is the weight of the carpet? A higher face weight means more yarn, which means longer wearing carpet. How high is the twist rating?

#5: Understand Your Carpet Warranty

Although manufacturers use warranty as a selling point, some carpet stores don't readily give information on carpet warranties. You must ask for it. Read the fine print. Most carpet manufacturer's warranties are the same. Here are a few excerpts from some of the biggest carpet manufacturers:

Trustmark (A division of Shaw, the world's biggest carpet mill): Exclusions in warranty: "Matting and crushing, or any change in appearance retention,are not manufacturing defects and are excluded from this warranty." "Carpet installed outdoors, on stairs, or in areas subject to other than ordinary shoe traffic is excluded from this warranty." "Trustmark warranties that carpet will not exhibit significant loss of texture from foot traffic for a period of five years." 

Shaw Industries will replace a percentage of your carpet cost for up to 10 years. At nine years, they would pay 20%. They will only cover "manufacturing defect in the material or workmanship." In other words, the warranty does not cover normal wear.

Dupont Stainmaster Limited Five-Year Stain Resistance Warranty: "No carpet is fully stain proof. Therefore, this warranty excludes stains from 1-non-food and non-beverage substances; 2- such foods and beverages that contain strongly colored natural substantive dyes as found, for example, in mustard and herbal tea; 3- substances which destroy or change the color of carpets such as bleaches, acne medications, drain cleaners, plant food; 4- vomit, urine,and feces."

Most warranties exclude any pet contamination as well as pile distortion from wear. So, it is up to you to keep your carpet in good appearance.

Be aware that some manufacturers require a yearly professional carpet cleaning to keep the warranty valid. If you get a carpet with a 20-year warranty, annual maintenance is required.

#6: Follow These Five Maintenance Tips

To Help Your Carpet Have The Longest Life Possible

1.   Vacuum a minimum of once per week.

2.   Vacuum areas that receive excessive amounts of soil daily. 

3.   Clean up spots and spills immediately. The longer they sit in the carpet, the more likely it is to become a stain.

4.   Keep substances that can damage and stain carpet away from carpeted areas. (Kool-Aid, Ink, acne medication, strong chemicals such as bleach, pet urine, etc.) These items will cause permanent stains if not removed immediately.

5.   Use walk-off mats at each door. It is helpful to have one inside as well as outside, if possible. Walk-off mats can remove up to 95% of the soil before entering.

6.   Have your carpet professionally cleaned at least every 12 months. Light-colored carpets or homes with pets and children require more frequent cleaning.


#7 Use Fabric Protection

What Does Fabric Protection Do?

When should you have Fabric Protection applied?
When your carpet was new, it had a coating of a fluorochemical protector. Scotchgard is the most widely known brand name of fluorochemical protector, but there are many more brands that perform just as well. Vacuuming, cleaning, and foot traffic removes this protective coating. By the time your carpet reaches five years, it has very little protection left in it. In some cases, fabric protection decreases more rapidly. Reapplying the protectant will help add some protection back into the carpet. However, it will never be as protected as i was when it was new. You should have the protectant reapplied at least every two years.

Will fabric protection make your carpet or upholstery stain proof?
No. What it will do is put a coat of protection around the carpet fiber to protect from staining and wear. Protecting your carpet will minimize the amount of harmful dry soil and liquid bonding to the fiber. If you spill something on your carpet, it will not magically disappear. It will just be easier to remove.Even with fabric protection, some stains can still be permanent. With fabric protection, you should be able to remove most spots yourself. If you can't remove it, call Spotless immediately.

What benefits will you get from fabric protection?

  • Vacuuming will be more efficient because dirt won't stick to the fibers as well.
  • Your spot removal procedures will be more effective (if you are using the proper tools).
  • At your yearly cleaning, it will be easier to remove stubborn spots. 

3 Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

  1. Beautiful Appearance. You can make your carpet look good longer with frequent cleaning and vacuuming.
  3. Longer Lasting Carpet. If you follow manufacturers' recommendations, your carpet can last up to twice as long as it would if you never had it cleaned.
  5. Healthier Home. Your home will be kept clean and healthy. Most of the contaminants in your home fall into the carpet due to gravity. Spotless cleans your carpet at temperatures over 230 degrees to reduce dust mites, allergens, and bacteria.

Any more questions?


We hope you gained some useful information on how to care for and purchase carpet.

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