These are 5 Myths That Are DEADLY for Your Carpet & Rugs.

These are 5 Myths That Are DEADLY for Your Carpet & Rugs.


Myth #1: You should wait as long as possible to clean your carpet.

No! Years ago, when shampooing was the primary method of cleaning, it was true. Today, many homeowners receive poor cleaning jobs by low priced cleaners that soak their carpet, which can cause all the spots to return after cleaning. However, if your carpet is cleaned correctly, it should be rinsed of residue, dried within 8 hours, and your carpet will be much better off after cleaning.


Myth #2: My carpet does not look dirty. I do not NEED to clean it.

False! Like the sheets on your bed, your carpet is a fabric. You don’t wait until your bed-sheets LOOK dirty before you wash them, do you? Every day you track grease, dirt, pollen, dust,and outdoor pollutants on your carpet. Manufacturers make the carpet to hide soils. But if you wait until it looks dirty, it will be VERY soiled. Carpet makers recommend professional cleaning every 12-18 months.


Myth #3: One method of carpet cleaning is asgood as another.

No. Dry cleaning methods do not rinse your carpet with water. According to most carpet mills,the best approach is hot water extraction from a truck-mounted cleaning unit.Cleaners accomplish this cleaning by using hot water/steam to rinse and then extract the soil. Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet maker, primarily recommends hot water extraction.


Myth #4: Bleach is a good spot remover.

No!!! Bleach is not safe for your carpet, and it isn’t good for humans either. If your carpet is nylon, the fiber will turn yellow. If the fiber is wool, the fiber will dissolve. Pouring bleach on your carpet can cause the backing to separate,which will cause the carpet fibers to fall out. Not to mention, it will Bleach your carpet. You cannot remove bleach spots. DON’T USE BLEACH ON YOUR CARPET.


Myth #5: There is a space-age, revolutionary stain remover that will remove any stain and odor in the carpet.

If you believe this,you’ve watched too much television. We bring in at least 12 different spot removers when we come to clean your carpet. Each spot remover works on different types of stains. And there are entirely different cleaning agents used for pet odor problems.

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