What Do I Need To Know About Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is a great way to keep your property and possessions in great shape. It is also one of the fastest ways to clean many hard-to-reach spots around your home. Pressure washing involves a certain amount of knowledge and skill to ensure you get the job done right with no damage to the surfaces. This quick guide will provide you with the information you need to get started.

How Can Pressure Washing Benefit My Home?

One of the best benefits of pressure washing is that it simply improves the appearance of your home. Over time, residue and buildup will collect on the siding of your home, along window sills, on driveways, and other surfaces. This buildup and residue can make your home look old and shabby. In most cases, a quick pressure wash can make these surfaces look new again.

Pressure washing can also help extend the life of your siding, concrete, and even some outdoor accessories. Keeping things nice and clean will also increase the resale value of both the house and outdoor accessories if you ever plan to sell in the future.

Things To Consider

Before you begin a pressure wash on your home, you should consider a few factors.

Your equipment – If you plan to pressure wash on your own, you need to get familiar with the equipment you will be using. Be sure to spend some time reviewing the operation manual and make sure you can handle all aspects of the washer.

Your abilities – You should also consider if you can handle the pressure washing job yourself or not. Pressure washing a home sometimes requires many hours, and it may also require you to go up and down ladders. If you are physically unable to do this, you should get someone to help or call in a professional. Professionals bring their own equipment and can have your pressure washing job done quickly and safely.

Types of Surfaces

You need to understand how different surface types will react to pressure washing. This is where the washer manual will come in handy. Be sure to review this information so that you do not cause any damage to any surfaces. Pressure washers are very powerful machines and can cause damage if they are not used properly.

Safety Concerns

Regardless of what type or size pressure washer you choose, there are always safety considerations. Here are a few safety precautions you should keep in mind.

Careful where you aim – The pressure washer spray should only ever be used on the surface you intend to clean. Never spray at a person, animal, or surface you do not intend to clean. This can cause injury or damage.

Where eye protection – Pressure washing can dislodge particles and debris which could be thrown into your eyes. Always wear protection.

Do not pressure wash during winter – Pressure washing is definitely a spring and summer chore. If you do this type of cleaning during the winter, you risk having water lodged in spaces where it can freeze, expand, and cause damage.