Spotless Under Pressure

The Benefits of Having Your Carpet Cleaned by a Professional

While vacuuming and spot cleaning on your own is important, having your carpet professionally cleaned periodically can do wonders.

Back to School Cleaning - This One TIme at Band Camp

Cleaning the bandroom before band camp next week.

Over the Counter Shine Products are NOT Good for your Wood, Laminate or LVT Floors

This customer had put 4 coats of a quick shine product on her engineered wood floors. These types of products do not bond with the floor.

Spotless VS Pet Stains in Monroe GA

This customer has a 13yo MinPin that she has had since she was 6 weeks old. We so love our fur babies, but not the pet stains and pet odor.

Spotless Cleaning Carpet and Getting a Home Ready to go on the Market on Lake Jackson in GA

This is a VRBO property on Lake Jackson is going on the market soon!

Spotless Pressure Washing vs Mold and Algae on Stone Entry Way - Oxford GA

Two-day job out cleaning back and front entrance of a sub-division in Oxford GA

Why Every Parent Should Regularly Get Their Carpet Cleaned

Investing in having your carpet cleaned regularly is a great idea for parents who want to simplify their lives.

Slime! Every Parent's Worst Nightmare! Spotless Removing Slime from Carpet in Loganville GA

This customer's daughter spilled a large amount of blue slime on their new carpet. It had been there about a year when we tried to remove it

Spotless House Wash and Driveway Cleaning in Monroe GA!

We can get rid of the green, whiten and brighten the gutters and get rid of all the black yuckies on the concrete.

Spotless Carpet Cleaning VS Pet Stains in Oxford GA!

This customer had 1 room of carpet that needed some extra special attention. Urine decontamination treatment is necessary!

How to Properly Clean and Disinfect Your Home or Business Against Covid 19

There is more to disinfecting your home or business against Covid 19 than just using the right disinfectant.


Every Parent's Worst Nightmare! We can clean up the Slime your kids put down!

Another House Washing in Monroe GA

This is an excellent house in Monroe, GA. Power-washing homes is one of our specialties.

COVID-19 - What Works and What Doesn't

We have had a few messages asking if we can disinfect carpet for the Covid 19 Strain of the Corona-virus.

These are 5 Myths That Are DEADLY for Your Carpet & Rugs.

There are many myths floating around out there about carpets, when you should clean it and how you should clean it. Here are the top 5!

Seven Secrets on How to Keep Your Carpet Beautiful for Years!

You will learn how to avoid four carpet cleaning rip-offs, five mistakes to avoid when choosing a carpet cleaner and how to select carpet. 

Do I Really Need to Have My Driveway Professionally Pressure Washed?

Have you ever wondered if your driveway, and other exterior concrete, are destined to be black and ugly? Is it inevitable?

Carpet Cleaning Facts

Did you know that carpet has a mechanical function in your home? It's not just there to be soft and pretty.

Breaking the Cycle of Soil

The cycle of soil is frustrating and seems to be inevitable. Learn how to Break the Cycle of Soil!

Spotless - Under Pressure

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